Visiting Alejandro Ingelmo

Lusting for Alejandro Ingelmo


A girl has got to have shoes. LOTS and LOTS of them. Why not have them be amazingly beautiful? Polyvore asked me to go have a shoe play date at Alejandro Ingelmo’s Studio and check out his latest collection. He is part of Polyvore’s Designer Collective and I was thrilled to dive into some of his Spring goodies.



I got to ask Alejandro some questions to learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

What are your inspiration behind the collection?
I was very inspired this season by shapes and materials. A lot of the collection is based on Boomerangs and you will see the triangular shape in many of my patterns. In addition to this
pattern work; I was also inspired by textures and colors; I used a lot of irridescent and hologramed materials that in different light shine different colors; as well as materials that you brush off on the production line which changes the dimension of the color.


How would you describe this current collection?
It is much more refined that past collections; I have moved past a lot
of platforms but still very sexy with intricate patterns.


What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
I love the Odyssey. This shoe is so detailed and beautiful and is very much the piece de resistance of the collection for me. Also- it takes over 12 hours to make each shoe which makes it even more special.


Holding my favorite TRON Sneaker

All in all, the best day of drooling and dreaming over shoes.
Thanks so much to Alejandro + Polyvore for having me.


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