Lace Layers





[top + dress: postlapsaria (borrowed from Keiko) / stole + tights: h&m / shoes: dolce vita /
watch: c/o coach / bracelet: c/o sorrelli / glasses: c/o warby parker]

Sometimes I find myself changing several times in a day based on activities and the weather! This particular day I was in Brooklyn visiting Keiko when I had the urge to change into something different. Keiko offered up her closet for my search. Since she makes such beautiful pieces in her clothing line Postlapsaria, I wanted to wear a Keiko original 😉 It was VERY, very cold out so I wanted to layer up big time. Thick tights were key. I put on this warm velvet dress underneath an ornate lace top for the perfect slouchy look. My faux fur collar also added some much needed warmth and texture. And there you have it! My look for heading out on the town.

Photos by Bobby



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