Beach Happy Hour

eatsleepwear, clover-canyon, sunset

eatsleepwear, beach, happy-hour, california, cheese

eatsleepwear, beach, happy-hour, california, champagne

eatsleepwear, beach, happy-hour, california, champagne, veuve-clicquot

eatsleepwear, beach, happy-hour, california

eatsleepwear, beach, happy-hour, california

This year on the blog, I want to expand out and add some more lifestyle posts in addition to my fashion ones. We like? Thought it would be fun to share my version of the perfect beach happy hour. All you need are a few things!

Some bubbles // What can I say, I am a champagne girl and what makes this a great drink for the beach… no wine opener needed.

Plastic glasses // I usually go to my local grocery store to pick up disposable glasses for impromptu picnics. I usually have them stowed in my cabinet so I am ready on a moments notice.

Wooden cutting board // Instead of paper plates, I love to bring a small cutting board to give my picnic a luxe feel. And plus, on this uneven sand it makes for a great table top for our bubbly.

Cheese + Meats // I like to pre-cut any food I bring to make my picnic as carefree as possible. Don’t know what cheese to pick? I like to go for two that are completely different so I picked out an older salty asiago cheese, and paired it with a young gouda cheese. I also like to serve up a spicy dry sopressata and pair with some crackers.

Sweet berries // I love to pair champagne with berries so this time I packed up a few blackberries. It’s a nice sweet compliment to the salty cheese and meats.

Bring friends! // No gathering like this is complete without your closet friends to laugh and enjoy a moment away from the world.

Hope you enjoyed this post and looking forward to bringing you more lifestyle content this year on eat.sleep.wear



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