Diet Coke Tastemakers Project with Whitney Port




I am always excited to partner with Diet Coke on their ventures in the fashion world. This time, I am excited to share with you their Diet Coke Tastemakers Project. This season, one of my fav designers and Cali girls Whitney Port created 4 tote bag designs inspired by Diet Coke, and one of them will be available in Target stores nationwide this fall.  What’s really fun is that YOU get to decide which “it” bag is sold in Target!  To me, fashion is amazing when it’s accessible (or approachable) and I love that Whitney’s designs will be in stores all over the country for you all to enjoy and have a piece of her line. I recently wore her pieces here and know you will love them as much as I do. My fav bag of Whitney’s four tote bag designs is the “What’s in your tote” concept which share some shares the playful pieces in a woman’s bag. I was able to sit down with Whitney in NYC a few days ago to talk about her designs, her new fall collection, and of courses her upcoming wedding being a bride-to-be myself!

I asked Whitney what she loved most about collaborating with Diet Coke on these designs and I have to say, I completely agree with her. She said that Diet Coke is the fuel to Fashion Week. It’s that great-tasting pick me up getting us through the busy days. I love how she also created one of the totes to represent that typical “whitney eve” cool girl. Fresh, modern, and always having fun. I got to peruse her newest collection for fall and I have to say, the sweaters are a must have. Obsessed with the texture. Also we gabbed about our weddings and one thing I can share is she is looking to create an elegant palette of floral and tablescapes. All and all, Whitney’s fresh take on design is the perfect compliment to Diet Cokes mantra.

The best part about her collaboration is that everyone has the chance to vote on their fav tote bag designs beginning June 3. The winning design will be made available exclusively in all U.S. Target stores this fall, and voters are automatically entered for a chance to win a chance to meet Whitney Port at fashion week this fall and other chic prizes! Voting ends June 15th so head over HERE to enter now. Full contest rules HERE. Hope you enter and again I am so excited to be part of such a special design collaboration and always so much love for Diet Coke.

Photos by Michael Dumler



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