Classic Stripes

eatsleepwear, birkenstock, chanel

eatsleepwear, the-fifth-lable, LNA, chanel

eatsleepwear, the-fifth-lable, LNA, chanel, birkenstock

eatsleepwear, the-fifth-lable, LNA, chanel, birkenstock

[top: the fifth label / skirt: LNA / bag: chanel / sandals: birkenstock / cuff: c/o svelte metals]

I recently had the chance to travel up the coast and visit Santa Barbara for the first time. Let me say I fell in love with this coastal town. Tucked right next to the beach, we stayed at the Bacara Resort & Spa. Romantic, beautiful, and serene. This resort was filled with some amazing little food spots and kept me busy for the short time I was there. I highly recommend going for a little weekend getaway. The pool alone… amazing. Since I was running around in deep exploration mode, I broke in my new birks. Now, love em or hate them they are back. I have to say, my feet are pleased. I am surprised my boo doesn’t hate them. Already off to a good start 😉 Another weekend, another adventure. That is the vibe I am feeling these days. Enjoy!

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photos by Renzo Franco



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