Cold Breeze

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We are FINALLY feeling a little bit of chill here in LA. I love that Summer wants to stay forever but I will say I am ready for cold weather layers and the cool breeze of Fall. The only thing I DON’T like about the beginning of fall is how it affects my skin. I have always had a huge problem with sensitive skin. Once it gets cold, I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin from how dry and itchy it gets. It comes and goes and at times can be very embarrassing but it’s something I have always dealt with. I am always looking for a gentle yet moisture rich body wash to help hydrate and calm down my irritated skin. Insert my new lifesaver. I was excited to partner with Curél to test drive their newest Itch Defense® Body Wash. The week before, I had scratched my skin so hard that I left marks. That is how intense the itch gets. I can’t make this stuff up! (I am starting to think I might have eczema). I was excited to try this new body wash. What I love about it? My skin feels so moisturized from the jojoba and olive oils in it. I can feel its super hydrating formula soothe and calm my skin. Had great luck with it and my skin is not feeling so dry with that insane itch like before. Thank you Curél for letting me test drive this new lifesaver.

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