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eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-1eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-2eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-3eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-4eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-5eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-6eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-7eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-8eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-9eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-10eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-11eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-12eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-13eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-14eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-15eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-16eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-17eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-18eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-19eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-20eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-21eatsleepwear-SmithHotels-PalmSprings-22My recent trip to Palm Springs was a dream. A quick 24 hour trip with Blake, and my friends Bethany and Cory. Our friends Mr. & Mrs. Smith invited us to experience a day of relaxation in the desert. You never say no to that. They always know the best places to stay and this trip we stayed at the L’Horizon Hotel and Spa. If you love mid century modern styles, this place is your heaven. Probably my all time favorite thing about this hotel: DOG FRIENDLY. Not just the kind that you can lock your dog in your room and that is, I mean, come to the pool, sit on your chair and hang out. Lola was greeted with her own dog bowl and even a toy and some treats. L’Horizon knows the key to my heart… and that is Lola (and Blake of course!). Each room was it’s own little bungalow so it felt super private. We spent most of our time hanging by the pool. Thank you again to Mr. & Mrs. Smith for a beautiful weekend. Their Smith24 team who are our insider travel experts (and booking consultants) who operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week really know how to plan a luxe trip. Can I come back next weekend?! Palm Springs, till next time.

outfit 1 // dress: c/o rebecca taylor
outfit 2 // dress: talina hermann / shoes: gianvito rossi
outfit 3 // bikini: c/o koreswim / hat: glady tamez (similar)

photos 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22 by Bethany


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