Pregnancy Swim Favs

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Sharing some of my fav pregnancy swim and swimwear today. The best part? This is all non-maternity. I have tried to stay away from buying any maternity swim because it just honestly was not for me. I found that as my pregnancy progressed, I personally felt better in a bikini than covering up. When I covered up I felt bigger than I was. Again, all personal feelings here. Swimwear is such a personal thing and it’s about finding what you feel comfortable in. The great thing about all the bikinis I have been loving is I was able to size up in the tops and still wear my normal size bottoms. I highlighted my most worn pieces this Summer so far above. You are probably sick of seeing me rock the same few suits but I adore them and the comfort factor is key. The white bikini I am wearing in the photo is actually sold out (I am SO sorry!!!) but I am hoping they will restock. I know some people say they hate being pregnant in the Summer but I kind of love being able to bump around in a bikini since we live so close to the beach. If I didn’t have air conditioning… then we would be having a different conversation. HA. But for now, I am still enjoying our beach days just the two of us and getting in that quiet kindle reading time before our little guy is here. Sharing more must haves from my favorite brands below. Happy Shopping! (Tip: Disable your ad blocker if you can’t see my shopping widgets!)

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