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Today’s gift guide is all about NEW MOMS. I racked my brain for those items that I love and used multiple times a day as a new mom or things on my wishlist if I could do it again. Being a new mom is SO damn hard and the best job I could have ever imagined. These photos are from Otis was 2 months old. Do you love how I am so casually matching him in stars?! Hope you love these photos and gift guide. Happy Shopping!

#1 // nespresso vertuoplus coffee and espresso machine: You guys know how much I LOVE coffee and as a new mom… reaching for that morning cup takes on a whole new meaning. While we did a good share of getting out of the house from early on, it’s so essential to have some tasty coffee at home to get your day started after those long nights up with a newborn. This is my hands down favorite machine because it does both espresso and large coffee. So now I don’t need a separate coffee + espresso machine on my kitchen counter. I have had this machine for quite a while and get asked about it all the time. It’s worth every penny and if you either have it or are buying one this season, do yourself a favor and try out the cuban coffee they have. It’s limited edition and I always order a million of them while they have them. This would make such a great gift for a new mom (or dad!).

#2 // artifact uprising baby book: This book has such sentimental value to me. I bought it after we found out our embryo transfer had worked. I knew it was early to buy something like this, but me buying this book was me investing in the fact that I was pregnant and I was going to stay pregnant. I tucked the book away safely inside a nook of my closet and with Otis turning 4 months soon, I finally pulled it out to start filling with photos. This would make a really unique gift for a new family to start to gather their memories and write baby a letter before they are born. I have ordered things from this company before and the paper quality and overall quality of their products is amazing.

#3 // willow breast pump: This is currently on my wish list this holiday season! I am currently exclusively breast feeding and pump one time a day with a traditional breast pump that you plug into the wall. Now that I am back to work full time, finding even 10 minutes to finish doing my makeup or making myself lunch can be a struggle. I have heard such amazing things about this pump but have been a little bit hesitant because of the price tag. Now that I am pumping sometimes more frequently and have been traveling for small weekend trips as a family, the convenience of being hands free is looking pretty good to me. If you know a mom who is currently breastfeeding or pumping, this would make a really amazing luxe gift. I kind of daydream about pumping, doing my makeup, and then grabbing a cup of coffee… all while pumping. Blake are you reading this?? wink. wink.

#4 // ugg slippers: Having a little newborn you are pretty chained to the house for the most part. I am OBSESSED with these slippers (I own them!) and they help me to stay cozy on those days where you never change out of your pajamas. Let’s be honest, that is most days with a newborn. It’s so nice to have a luxe little pair of slippers to make home feel cozy and warm.

#5 // solly baby wrap: This is the fabric wrap that I used alot when Otis was born. It’s super lightweight and the material is nice and stretchy. Tucks baby close to mama for cozy naps around the house and out and about. I know it can be intimidating to learn how to wrap, but I just watched a ton of youtube videos and quickly got the hang of it.

#6 // babybjorn carrier one air: Once Otis started getting bigger, I loved the idea of using a carrier that was easier to get him in and out than the fabric wrap. I am obsessed with this one. It’s super sturdy and still breathable which I love. It has newborn inserts so that eventually you can use this same carrier when baby is older and place baby in different positions so you really get your moneys worth out of this carrier. We have been baby wearing Otis for alot of his naps and often wear this one around the house, out of the grocery store, or anywhere else we need to be handsfree and on the go.

#7 // colugo carrier: This is one of our newest baby carriers that Blake and I are both loving right now. It’s very similar to the babybjorn but this one is lighter weight and even has a little drape to cover baby’s head. Comes in hand to keep the sun out of his eyes.

#8 // winc wine membership giftcard: Not everyone drinks wine, but for those mamas that do, it’s been a long 9 months with no booze. Once I felt comfortable during my post partum recovery, having a glass of wine was such a special indulgence after not being to enjoy it for so long. This is such a great little gift idea for a mom to be or new mama!

#9 // hydro flask: I am still always thirsty and have about 3 water bottles in my house at all times. As a breastfeeding mama, I am just ALWAYS THIRSTY. This is a great little gift idea for a new mama. Nothing like a sweet new water bottle to get excited about hydration.

#10 // bychari custom name necklace: I was gifted this adorable necklace with Otis name on it and I pretty much never take it off. I always get the sweetest compliments on it! It’s such a fun little luxe gift for the mama in our life to celebrate their little one. Also, it’s real gold so they don’t have to worry about taking it off to shower… when you literally don’t even know your own name because you are so tired from being up with your baby.

#11 // Amazon, Wholefoods, Postmates, Grubhub gift cards: If you want to know how to help a newborn parent in an instant, get them one of these gift cards. You can send them digitally so they can have them in hand in an instant. I had friends give us postmate giftcards and it saved us when we didn’t have a minute to even think about dinner for ourselves. Amazon is another good one because who isn’t ordering baby swaddles or diapers at 4 am. These are great ways to help out a new mama (or dad!

Otis wearing quincy mae pants / Kim wearing nphilanthropy shirt + ag jeans 

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