In the winter months, we spend so much time worrying about our skincare routine and it’s easy to quickly forget about the rest of our body, especially during the times we need it mostThese cold winter months suck all the life out of our skin… pair that with new mom stress and  my skin isn’t getting the same kind of love it used to, not to mention nearly impossible to keep properly hydrated with all these external factors I never considered. I typically have pretty sensitive skin and in the winter months it becomes incredibly itchy and dry. I always have to deal with sensitive skin with this colder weather, but now it’s multiplied with the stress of the New Year AND an infant at home… this stress can really affect our bodies in more ways that I could have imagined even past mental and emotional health – turns out super dry skin is one of them for me.

I am always looking for products to help combat these winter skin problems and I was excited to be introduced to the Vaseline Clinical Care Line. As someone with super sensitive skin, I am always careful testing out new products but let me tell you, this one has lived up to it’s hype. When I first encountered the new line, I wanted to see if it lived up to it’s claim of helping me skin transform from extremely dry to healed in just five days – that’s right, FIVE! Not even a week to better skin health. I started day 1 with super dry and flaky skin. It was so itchy as well from being dry since I had been neglecting it. Once I hit day 2 and 3, I felt my skin becoming much more hydrated and no longer had the dry and flaky patches. The formula of the lotion itself has almost a gel like quality to it and it’s been amazing for my super sensitive skin. I also love that it’s scent-free since I want the moisture benefits and not a perfume. By day 5, I was feeling myself again. My skin is smooth and feels full of moisture. Mission accomplished!! I have also been using it for about 2 months now and would highly recommend if you are looking for something that can be easily found at Target. Blake has also been stealing my lotions to put on after his shower as well – love a good unisex product ;). I actually ended up getting the bottle with a pump top so it dispenses easily as well which is key for lotion products!! Works well for when I am in a rush to get ready with Otis waiting for me. Always love testing out new skin and beauty products with you and a big thank you to Vaseline for introducing me to this new product line.

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This post is sponsored by Vaseline. Big thank you for supporting all eat/sleep/wear collabs that help to support my family.

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