Love and Water and Sunrise

Our recent trip to Maui was our first really big trip as a family. Getting packed, on a plane, and to a destination. I knew traveling with a baby was going to look much different than our trips as couple. The days of reading my kindle by the pool, sitting in direct sunlight, and literally napping all day at the pool are long gone. Now I am picking a shaded spot by the kiddie pool, figuring out which bathing suit Otis can’t rip down exposing my boobs, and when we need to schedule our meals and nap times. While of course we miss those lazy beach and pool vacation days, nothing has given me as much joy as sharing our favorite places with Otis and seeing him experience the world. We continue to broaden his experiences and push our own boundaries because DAMN it’s fun seeing him see and do things for the first time. It’s pure magic. This all being said, it brings us to these photos.

At the Four Seasons Maui (which is my favorite place in the whole wide world!!) one of the best things on the property is this infinity pool. It’s an adult only pool and it’s just magic. It has a swim up bar with all adult vibes and it’s been a special place every vacation to hang out. Of course this trip was much different. No babies allowed. HA! I snuck up once during the day just to dip in the water and take in the view. But honestly I just wanted to spend the time with Blake and Otis. So after a 5 minute dip, I ran back down the baby pool and our little family. Little did I know I would have these special moments later in the week.

Our dear friends and photographers Love and Water who have shot us married, pregnant, and as a family wanted to do a little creative shoot before we headed home. We slipped into the pool at sunrise while they were setting up for the day. Since I often put myself last since I always 100% put Otis first, it was such a special morning jumping into that warm untouched water and watching the sun rise over the island. The peace and quiet and being up before the rest of the world… such bliss. One of my favorite things on Maui is watching the sun rise and set. The colors and the ocean breeze are one of the most magical things I have experienced. I know I sound like a total cheese ball but there is something I can’t put my finger on that just makes Maui such a real life gem.

As a postpartum mom, it has taken me some time to fall back in love with my body. I wouldn’t say I was thrilled to think about getting back into a bathing suit right away either. I could tell you about my postpartum pancake butt… but I was able to conceal that with my poses in the photos! HA. But really, going through the process of being pregnant and then having a baby really teaches you so much about patience and acceptance. Acceptance that your body has done the most incredible work to grow a human. And then after having a baby the incredible things your body does to slowly shrink down from that. On days when I might start to get hard on myself, I remember the amazing job that my body did, and just how much we went through to get to Otis. And it all starts to melt away. I might not have the perfect body, but for now, it’s perfect to me. If perfect FOR me. These photos are a celebration of embracing my mom bod and embracing this moment to reflect on how lucky I am to travel the world, as a mother. My heart is full.

Always a big thank you to Love and Water for capturing the beauty that is Maui. Can not recommend them enough if you are planning a trip to Maui and want to do a portrait session. They will be back in Maui Nov 2019. They also have a dreamy instagram account here.

bathing suit: marysia / bracelets: karen lazar design


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