I feel like I have so many friends either pregnant or with newborns at home and I literally live for sharing all my favorite baby finds. It can be SO overwhelming as a new mom knowing what things actually work, what you should register for and just what you should try next for your baby. We made it 1 year over here (YAY!) and excited to share that September is Best of Baby Month on which means they are having some incredible savings on over 700 baby products online. It’s basically like Black Friday come early and it can be hard to sift through these savings as a first time parent. I went through and picked out some of my must haves that I have used from the newborn state to 1 year old. They often have next day shipping which is a MUST when you are shopping at 3am during those late night feedings and decide you need to try a new swaddle like RIGHT NOW. Mamas, I feel you. I was doing the same exact thing! Happy shopping Mamas.


boon nurse baby bottle drying rack: I started out with the larger size boon drying rack and then also got this smaller version since I wanted to take up less space on my counter. Both are epic if you will be using any bottles or if you are pumping. I like having a separate place for all things baby to not mix it with our food items. This has free NextDay delivery and rollback pricing.

fisher-price cradle ’n swing with 6-speeds swing: This swing is a life saver. We had ours set up in our office and bedroom when he was older for some naps and a safe place to put him. It can swing in different directions which is a game changer since some babies prefer certain kinds of motion. Also the songs in it are great and Otis loved watching the mobile. Warning this takes up a big footprint but it was such a great resource for us when he was a newborn. Worth it in my opinion! It’s currently $127.90 and promo for $106.99!

baby breeze electric baby bottle sterilizer and dryer machine: Ok I never thought that I was even going to use this and honestly this was one of my favorite baby gadgets that really surprised me how much I used it. Such an easy way to sterilize my bottles and it also drys them which is a game changer. Honestly you have no time to brush your teeth let alone think about taking the time to sterilize your bottles so this device is 100% worth the counter space needed. Buy this sterilizer and get a $10 walmart gift card.

avanchy bamboo stay put suction baby bowl and spoon: I bought a few of these products because they are both chic and functional. The suction is essential when feeding a little baby that is going to inevitably throw their plate to the floor. Buy and safe $5.

hatch baby rest sound machine, night light + time-to-rise: One of my favorite devices in Otis’ nursery. It was epic in the newborn stage as well. We actually loved it so much we have 2 of them. 1 in his nursery and 1 in our bedroom. During the newborn phase it was both a great sound machine and night light during late night nursing. You can easily adjust the brightness and color of the nightlight so it’s easy on baby and mama’s eyes. Also I love that I can adjust or turn it on and off with an app. So now that Otis is older, if he happens to fall asleep on me while having his bottle, I can go into the app on my phone and steal mode turn on his sound machine before I place him in his crib. This is a GAME CHANGER. I am all about baby tech and this is a must have. Also, I don’t often find sound machines that are loud enough and this one is LOUD. Which is essential. This has rollback pricing and free delivery.

fisher-price deluxe kick & play removable piano gym: This is something Otis loved when he was starting to pull up on things. It was the perfect height for him and he is obsessed with the piano to this day. We now use the piano on its own and I use the pad in his nursery as a changing pad on the floor because… Toddler diaper changes are a wrestling match. This has rollback pricing and NextDay delivery.

pampers swaddlers: These were our favorite newborn diapers and you go through them like CRAZY. So this savings is epic. Buy 2, Get $20 gift card.

regalo 38” walk thru baby gate: Baby gates aren’t needed until baby is on the move but this is great to prep and have before that time comes so you can easily just set it up. Rollback pricing and free NextDay delivery.

lamaze clip & go fife the firefly: This is one of my hands down favorite toys for Otis. We used it during our physical therapy as a developmental tool. It makes noises and crinkles and it was a great motivator to help him learn to roll over and crawl. Rollback pricing and free NextDay delivery.

philips avent natural baby bottle newborn starter gift set: If you plan to use bottles, I recommenced getting a few different kinds because you never know what your baby is going to like. I bought these as an option and they are having a great savings on them. Rollback pricing and free NextDay delivery.

plums organics pouches: We love these pouches for when Otis started eating solids. Pick any 2 (6pk) and receive $2 off.

baby breeze formula pro advanced formula dispenser: So this is something I actually have sitting in my garage and never opened. But since I love my bottle sterilizer so much, I wanted to share this savings with you. I WISH I remembered I had in my garage because my friend has this and says it’s a total game changer if you are formula feeding. When you buy it, you get a $50 gift card to walmart.

This post is sponsored by Walmart. Big thank you for supporting all eat/sleep/wear collabs that help to support my family.


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