Holiday Kids Pajamas 2019

We are very much in the holiday spirit over here. It’s never too soon in my opinion. I am just so excited to see Otis experience the holidays this year. To watch his face light up is just going to make me the happiest mama ever. Let me also just say that Lola is a SAINT that she puts up with my photo requests and is so good with Otis. I recently got these pajamas in the mail which were matching plaid for Otis and Lola. Guys… it’s too cute!!! It led me to jump down the rabbit hole of holiday pajamas to see what else we needed for the season. I rounded up some of my favorites above. Some of which, we ordered and are patiently awaiting delivery! Click the image above to shop. One set that isn’t pictured is this adorable Christmas set from Clover Baby & Kids. It’s one of Otis’ favorite pajama brands. So soft and super lightweight which I love. I currently have a discount code for 20% off most items using code: OTIS. You can check out their website here. Another one of my favorite kids brands for pajamas and the best basics is 1212. They have a super chic modern holiday pj here that I can’t wait to scoop up. I also have a discount code of: EATSLEEPWEAR for 20% off. Check out there website here. Any other favorite kids pajama brands?? Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

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