Excited to share another gift guide with you today. These sweet photos of Otis were taken when he was about 4 months old. LOOK AT HIS TINY FACE AND SHORT HAIR!! When they say it flies by… damn. That is the truest statement ever. Looking back at the things we loved when Otis was in that newborn phase, I picked out some of my favorites that I think could make a great gift for a newborn in your life or family. Some are more pricey than others but all favorite things I have used and loved. Hope you love it!


cheerily name onesie: We got one of these for Otis as a gift and it was one of my favorite things to put him in. Love that you can also customize other sayings or cute things if you want something different.

skiphop farmstand grow & play activity gym playmat: We used this mat for quite some time with Otis. The little fruit and veggie toys that came attached were adorable and fun to use separate from the mat as well. I also loved that the bars came off easily and I could move this mat from room to room with ease. When Otis got older, we would just throw this mat in our suitcase for a place for him to enjoy tummy time with his toys.

SNOO smart sleeper bassinet: This is a pricey item but by far one of my favorite newborn items hands down. If you are into tech, this baby tech item is a must have. It took us a minute to fall in love but when we did we fell HARD. The peace of mind this bassinet provides is worth every penny in my opinion as a new mom. Great item to pull a couple family members together to throw in for if you want to get a bigger gift.

taking cara babies gift card: I have talked about how magical Cara is before here in my post about baby sleep and again here when we did sleep training for Otis. Cara offers online sleep courses for newborns up to 2 year olds. She is the baby whisperer. Seriously. She has such amazing tips and I bought every single course she has and loved them all. This would make a really cool gift idea for a new mom or soon to be mama.

hushh portable sound machine: This sound machine is small but mighty. We attached this to Otis’ car seat, laid it next to him in his dockatot, and placed it next to his travel crib when away from home. When your baby gets used to a sound machine you NEED that on the road too. This one gets SUPER loud. I know it’s more expensive than some other brands, but trust me. It’s worth every penny. It charges easily with a usb cord and we still use it to this day.

1212 onesies and baby basics: One of my favorite baby clothes brands for amazing basics is 1212. I actually took Otis home from the hospital in one of their pajamas and hats. The cotton they use is so soft and these kimono onesies are essential for newborn life. Honestly what is cuter than a snuggly newborn in a crisp white onesie?!?!

hatch baby rest plus: Another sound machine that I am obsessed with. This is actually a combo sound machine, night light, baby monitor, etc. It hooks up with an app I have on my phone so I can remotely set favorite settings or adjust the settings while baby is sleeping without going in his room. I actually have 3 of these!! Well 2 of them are an older model which I LOVED but what is amazing about this one is there is also a backup battery so if the power goes out, your sound machine keeps on going. I used this nightlight a lot when Otis was a newborn next to my bed in his bassinet because I could change the light colors and brightness for those late night feedings and diaper changes.

lovevery play gym play mat: We loved the used this play mat as well. This one I kept in Otis’ room since the wood bars made it more difficult to move room to room in our house. This play mat is not only super chic looking, but comes with so many amazing toys to stimulate baby development. I loved being able to change out the flashcards in the bottom of the mat as well. It’s such an amazing gift because it comes with so many fun little toys as well.

slumberkins sloth: This is the lovey that Otis loves. It’s his sweet little buddy! They make a wide variety of loveys and stuffed creatures and they are super easy to wash and clean. I just bought one for a friend because I just adore them as much as Otis does. You can see the other animals they have here.

beaba cooker and cookbook: We loved using this baby food cooker when Otis started solid foods. What is great is that it steams and cooks the food and then in the same container you puree it. It made trying new food combos super easy and fun. We also loved the cookbook to help guide us along the way.

highway three custom blanket: We use our Otis blanket almost everyday. We got this as a baby shower gift and it’s been such a nice thing to have. Was so nice to have something to snuggle up with during those late night feedings. Now, Otis grabs this blanket and drags it out to the living room to “snuggle” and it melts my heart.

fisher-price sit-me-up floor seat: This was one of the first chairs we put Otis in when he was holding his head up well on his own. Was great to put him in when we started feeding him solids as well. It folds down pretty flat to it’s great if you have a small space and want to store it. This also makes it a great packable item that easy to bring to a friends house or on a trip.

louloulollipop pacifier clip: We LOVED these cute pacifier clips when Otis was using a pacifier. Helped to make sure he wasn’t dropping his paci all over the place. I also used these as toy straps when he outgrew the paci.

ollie swaddle: This was by far my favorite swaddle out there. Why? Because you can safely get it tight and keep those little arms from busting out. Because newborn babies are SO STRONG!!! Otis would always bust out of swaddles and this one was seriously amazing. It’s pricey but I am telling you, it’s magic. Also because its velcro, it’s just ridiculously easy. And when you are sleep deprived, easy is so important.

baby brezza bottle sterilizer: This isn’t pictured above but I HAD to include it in this list. I honestly didn’t think I would use it but it was actually EPIC. It sterilized bottles and pacifiers super quickly and easily without the mess of doing it in a pot on the stove. Just another gadget to make new mom life a little bit easier! This is worth the counter space for.


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