Holidays Sweets Dessert Board

Getting excited for New Year’s Eve tomorrow night! We are planning a very low key night just with out little family. But let me tell you, just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you can’t have some holiday fun. I created a holiday sweet snack board for some holiday parties this season and it was SO simple to put together. The hardest part was keeping Blake from eating all my ingredients before I made it! Holiday recipes don’t have to be so complicated and love this easy approach to a dessert spread. Sharing some tips below on how you can create a great holiday sweet snack board at home.


START WITH THE BOWLS: I like to start my snack boards by arranging any bowls on the board first. I usually put wet items in bowls (to save my board from being stained by anything) or anything I want to separate out. I usually work in odd numbers because it’s more aesthetically pleasing so I started with 3 bowls. I don’t like things super perfect so I spread them out and then start creating the rest of the board around them.

WORK IN SIZE ORDER FROM LARGE TO SMALL: I started with my peppermint joes wrapping them around a bowl as an anchor point. Then I just work around each of the bowls and start filling in as I go.

FILL IN THE SPACE WITH THE TINY STUFF: I bought a bag of chocolate chunks usually meant for baking but they come in handy as a sweet little filler for any space where you feel your board is looking sparse. I also used holiday m&m’s to fill in empty spaces and make the board look more full.

FILL THE BOARD TO THE EDGE: Whatever size board you have at home will work just fine. Don’t think you need a large board for it to be a showstopper. Just make sure you fill the board as far to the edge as possible for that finished wow factor.

wooden cheese board: world market / white decorative bowls: the little market / white bowl: crate & barrel

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