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Toddler Easter Basket Essentials created by Kimberly Lapides of Eatsleepwear featuring bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sandra boynton books, slumberkins, the little market and poppyjack shop.

While it feels strange posting something like, I know a lot of parents are there are struggling to think of how to keep the world normal for your children during these hard times. I do everything possible to give Otis the best everyday we can at home during quarantine. I started prepping his Easter basket before the quarantine started but also have been able to get a few items shipped and be lucky enough to have my Sister pick things up for me on a trip to Target. We might not all be able to place orders or grab order pickups places. I am not leaving the house and Blake is the one that does all our out of the house errands right now (groceries and any prescriptions etc). So I haven’t been able to shop normally for his Easter basket but was so lucky to have some online lucky ordering a few things. Sharing a few things I am putting in his Easter basket. I was more concerned with some new toys to spark some interest for Otis and a fun way to do an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. I have some of those mini cars already for Otis and I realized they perfectly fit into a plastic egg! I will fill my eggs with the cars and with some cereal or other snacks that fit inside. So I will share each item below and hope it inspires your Easter basket this year. Honestly, I am going to look through my garage to see what extra things I can throw in for Otis. Get resourceful and I highly suggest placing any orders today or Monday to ensure delivery. I wish I got this post up sooner… But quarantine means I am mom life 24/7.

poppyjack shop custom tags: I love this local business and Monday is the last day to place an order for a custom name tag. There are a few different shapes to choose from as well. I got Otis this bunny for his basket.

super bubble stick bubble gun: I actually already own this but it’s a super cute thing to pop into your Easter basket.

little market basket: I actually bought the basket 2 weeks ago and they no longer sell it separately but they have a gift basket version here as well as some other baskets that would be perfect and also so cute to be reusable for your little one not just for Easter. I love supporting the artisans that are making these goods. The also have some SUPER cute stuffed animals here you can add in for the basket. We own the bunny and carrot already!

slumberkins: These are Otis’ fav lovey and would make the sweetest little gift inside an Easter basket.

color me happy snack puzzle: Oompa toys is a small business I love to support. They sell sustainable and organic toys. Otis loves puzzles right now so I thought this one would keep him busy. We are also teaching him colors now so this will come in handy!

plastic eggs: I bought more of these reusable eggs. Otis loves them empty and plays with them often but I need some more for our easter egg hunt.

apolis tote bag: We have a few apolis bags at home and what I love is that they are customizable! This tiny size is so perfect for a little one and there is still time to order with overnight shipping.

Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 3 Die-Cast Mini Racers Blind Bag: I have a few of these cars already for Otis but I got a bigger set to place inside the plastic eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt. Otis is VERY into watching cars on Disney+ now. It’s making me so happy because I love those movies so much too.

barnyard dance! book: Otis loves all the Sandra Boynton books and I love this one because of all the farm animals.

sidewalk chalk: We actually only have 1 piece of sidewalk chalk one of our neighbors gave us for the sidewalk chalk challenge so I wanted to grab some more for Otis since now every time we walk by our neighbors and he sees theirs in their front yard he yells, “COLORS!” I ordered some for pickup from Target this week because Blake has to run out and grab us toilet paper because we are almost out. Otherwise it seems sidewalk chalk is hard to come by online but take a look around. This is the set I bought from Target but it’s only available for store pickup and not for shipping.

Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals: Mommas and Babies: Otis is obsessed with farm animals so I ordered these figurines to work on his words etc. My friend Danielle recently shared these and I LOVED them and had to buy. She also has a great guide up here.

bubbles: I bought this small pack of bubbles the last time I was out in the world more than a month ago but they still have them at Target.

no-spill bubblin’ bucket: My sister picked these up for me at Target when she went. Otis is gonna lose his mind because I never give him the container for fear he is going to dump it out onto the ground. Will let you know how he likes these.

grimms water waves nesting blocks: Otis loves the ocean so I thought this would be a fitting toy for him! Love supporting Oompa toys and thier small business.

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