Jungle Garden

eatsleepwear,-kimberly-pesch,-heidi-merrick, 1

eatsleepwear,-kimberly-pesch,-heidi-merrick, 2

eatsleepwear,-kimberly-pesch,-heidi-merrick, 3

eatsleepwear,-kimberly-pesch,-heidi-merrick, 4

eatsleepwear,-kimberly-pesch,-heidi-merrick, 5

eatsleepwear,-kimberly-pesch,-heidi-merrick, 6

You sick of my Hawaii photos yet? Hahaha. Easy dresses and straw hats are my current favorites.

[dress: heidi merrick (also love this one) / hat: glady tamez (similar)]

shop the look:

photos by Alison Conklin


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