Mommy and Me in Maui

My spray tan has since faded and we are finally back home from our trip to Maui. I have so many epic photos to share and lots of thoughts on traveling with a baby! I will sit down and write out my thoughts on that this week. For now, I will leave you with my adorable little man, sticking his feet in the warm Maui waters. Every time we would sit Otis in the sand, he would make a b line to the ocean like a little sea turtle. He’s fearless and independent an I love seeing how happy he is at the beach.

Finding mommy and me swimsuits for Mom and baby boy was not an easy task to find. The options are much more plentiful for Mom and baby girl. So its extremely special to be matching with my little Oats. I have worn Marysia swimsuits for years because they just make me feel good. They are on the pricey side but man are they a great investment if you are looking to spend the money on a swim suit. I take really good care of my swim and wash them every time I wear them so I feel I can justify a pricier option. I have bought many in the past but I was very lucky that Marysia was kind enough to send me this matching set for our trip to Hawaii. Finding a one piece is not easy. I wanted full coverage on the butt but you don’t want the suit to cut into you. This suit has just enough coverage for this postpartum mama, easy boob access (breastfeeding mama here!), and still has some chic details making it extra special. Now my problem is that I need to buy it in more colors. Excited to share more of our trip with you soon.

mom: marysia swimsuit / quay sunglasses
baby: marysia swimsuit


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