Beach Stripes

I am currently on the East Coast spending time with family. It’s so special to be able to introduce Otis to our extended families and show him around all of our favorite places. It’s been special watching my Grammy holding Otis’ hand in the car seat while we drove them around. HEART MELT. So while I am focused on some uninterrupted family time, here is a look from a few weeks ago. Easy jumpsuits are great for Summer. Blake doesn’t always love when I wear a wide leg jumpsuit but lucky for him I don’t dress for him, I dress for me! This one is pretty great because it’s still breastfeeding friendly and I love the front tie gives a little shape to my upper body. I have so many striped pieces in my closet and blue and white stripes are pretty easy to find for Otis also so it’s a great print to do some matching Mom and Son outfits. Have to get creative when most brands only make Mommy and Daughter clothes. Honestly I need to start making my own clothes and help my friend sew them. We shall see! Currently doing a cheers with my dad with a glass of wine in hand. So good to be with family.

jumpsuit: splendid / sandals: soludos / hat: janessa leone

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