Hair Refresh

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Lately I feel like I have just been up in the clouds, literally, all the time traveling. While being on the road is inspiring, I need to be sure to be taking care of myself. From skin care, beauty, and hair care, I make taking care of myself a priority. You want to look and feel your best at home and on the run. I have been testing out a lot of different hair regimens lately and the newest is from Kerastase. I got a chance to partner up and try their Chronologiste Hair Care Scalp Treatment Line. I always struggle with taking care of my scalp. My scalp is sensitive so I need to make sure I am taking care of it as well as my actual (naturally!) blonde locks. I know I have said that before but I have never colored my hair and have kept my hair in great shape because of it. I was just in Miami at the beginning of the week and I packed along these goodies to try them out on the road. There is shampoo, masque and really interesting scrub. I think my favorite of the 3 is The Gommage. It is a Pre-Shampoo treatment and micro-scrub that gently exfoliates. They all have Pacific Marine Water which is very Rich in minerals and nutrients and leaves my hair feeling revitalized. Also I am a sucker for how good they smell! Big thanks to Kerastase for letting me test drive these goodies.


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