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Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-1Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-2Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-3Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-4Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-5Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-6Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-7Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-8Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-9Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-10Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-11Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-12Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-13Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-14Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-15Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-16Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-17Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-18Eatsleepwear-EXPRESS-Bandana-Plaid-denim-coachella-19April has me excited for festival season. It’s all about music, sunshine and trips out to the desert. Today I am excited to be partnering with EXPRESS to share some of my favorite festival style with you.

Today I am channeling my inner 90’s child with cut offs and some great accessories. I can never say no to a good pair of denim cut offs. When I am headed out for a day to sit in the grass, denim is always a great thing to wear. When dressing for morning to evening, I need to make sure to bring along a light layer to throw on when the sun goes down. A plaid button down is great to tie around your waist and throw on later. Also totally 90’s child vibes.

When it comes to accessories, I love a good bandana. This one is super lightweight and adds a nice little bit of texture to my look. Now all that left is to grab my sunscreen and a phone charger and I am good for the festival season. What are your go-to looks for music season? Would love to hear in the comments below.

Tank, shorts, buttondown, + bandana c/o EXPRESS

This post is a collaboration with EXPRESS
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