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Today’s gift guide is all about TECH. I love gadgets and some of these pieces I own and love. So hopefully I can inspire some ideas for you.

#1 // Stella Audio Pillar: We have had this in our living room for a few years now. What I love about this speaker is that it’s portable. Headed to a picnic? Pack it along. Want to go sit in your backyard, bring it outside. You can charge it and leave it plugged in and when you want to be on the move, just bring it along. The sound quality is really amazing too.

#2 // Marble Phone Case: What’s your iphone (or smart phone) without a cool case? You know how obsessed I am with marble in my decor so I have my eyes on this case.

#3 // Kindle Paperwhite: I have not put my kindle down since I got it. I love that I am able to buy books on the fly and not have to wait for shipping or going to the store to pick something up. It’s super light weight and it’s so easy to read in the summer outside with no glare. I also tend to start multiple books at once and the kindle is great for bookmarking everything your are reading. Let’s be honest, when I read actual paper books, my cat bites the bookmark out… thanks Miles. I wasn’t sure how I would love this and it’s actually been one of my favorite tech purchases last year.

#4 // Apple Watch: This is another tech buy I wasn’t sure how I would feel about. I was very pleasantly suprised at how much I loved a tech watch. I love using mine to track my steps, check my heart rate, and also be able to see emails pop in and get a quick glance while I can’t always have my phone out. With so many band options for the watch, I feel like there is something for everyone.

#5 // Fuji Instax Mini 70: I recently talked about this camera on instagram and I really mean it when I say this camera ROCKS. The best part is that you can put it on automatic settings for the camera to pick the best lighting modes for your polaroids. So much easier than older models of the instax. Makes such a different for crisp and cool memories. And don’t forget to buy film!

#7 // Google Home: This has been a pretty amazing addition to our home. I use it to play my favorite songs while I am making a cup of coffee. I use it to set a timer when I am cooking. I use it to check the weather when I am running around the house in the morning getting ready. This little device is mighty powerful. Such a great addition to our home and if you don’t have it, this would make an amazing gift to add to your wish list.

#8 // Nest Cam: I am always intense when it comes to home security. We have had NEST cams for a few years now and they have come in handy so many times. We actually purchased them for when we travel so we can keep an eye on our kitties and Lola. We also signed up so that we can go back in time to look at footage and save clips for an additional monthly fee. Basically these cameras are super crisp and they make a great security feature in your home. I also have friends that use this as a baby monitor.

#9 // Mophie Charger: Alot of people have either the mophie case or the mophie brick that you need to attack a cable to. If you are anything like me, I tend to misplace my cables and then I am left with a charger and no cable. I actually bought this exact mophie while traveling at an airport and it’s been one of the best purchased because the connection to phone and wall charger are both inside this compact piece. No more searching for wires. It’s all in one. Genius.

#10 // Google Chromecast: This is a great gift for anyone that uses their phones to stream pretty much anything. You can usually find me using mine to stream old episodes of FRIENDS and The Office on repeat. This is also a great gift for someone who travels. Keep one on your suitcase and always be able to watch what you want on the road.

#11 // Samsung Frame TV: So, this is the priciest item on the gift guide. I know….. it’s glutinous. I have been seeing this TV pop up all over and I have to say, I have never seen a sexier tv PERIOD. It basically mounts flush to the wall and when not in use, transforms into artwork so you don’t have that normal black rectangle messing up the decor in your space. This tv is like SERIOUSLY a designers dream. We currently have another Samsung model in our living room but I have my eyes on this one. Maybe one day!

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