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Now that Otis is 6 Months old, I can share some of his favorite toys from birth to 6 months of age. We ended up getting some great suggestions from friends and family and were lucky to put some of these toys on our baby registry. We also found some great engaging toys when Otis was in physical therapy and went out and bought some of the pieces that ended up really sparking his interest. Will share my favorites with you and why we love them.

#1 // munchkin mozart magic cube: This cube both lights up and plays music. We used it during tummy time alot when he was younger. It’s also a great size and height for when baby is starting to sit up. They can lean on the cube and play.

#2 // lamaze freddie the firefly: We started using this around 2 months of age. It has great colors and you can easily hang it. When we were taking Otis to physical therapy, the therapist had this toy. She used it to get his attention and to work on his range of motion and tracking objects. What great is that it has crinkly wings that make a great sound and the whole things makes some great noise when it’s shaken. I used this toy a lot to help encourage Otis to roll over. It’s still one of his favorites that we attached to his car seat or his activity center.

#3 // fat brain toys pipsquigz loops: We started using these around 2-3 months and now that he is 6 months they are a favorite to keep in my diaper bag. The great thing about this toy is it makes sound when you shake the rings and it also suction cups to most surfaces. This means I can attached it to a table top if we are out to eat, or attach it to his activity center. We have 3 different versions of this and I ALWAYS keep one in my diaper bag.

#4 // cloth baby books: These sat in Otis’ room until he was starting to play with his hands more. Once we noticed him wanting to entertain himself these became great to help him work on his fine motor skills. We attach these books to his car seat or his activity center and he loves to touch all the different textures and flip the pages.

#5 // mini rainstick: We got this as a hand me down from family but I would 100% buy this if we didn’t have it. I was introduced to it in music class (we started bringing Otis to Music around 3 months old) and he became fascinated with the sound and falling beads inside of it. It’s been a great motivational toy. He loves to crawl over to it now!

#6 // wubbanub infant pacifier: We used these when Otis was an infant and now that he is able to grab and hold things they are back in the mix. We like to leave one in his crib since the stuffed animal makes it easier for him to pick up the pacifier and put it in his mouth. It’s also a fun little stuffed toy when he is not using it as a pacifier.

#7 // haba color snake: We got this toy from Oompa’s online store, who carry a lot of organic wooden toys, and its been a favorite since the moment he touched it. It “snakes” when you move it so he spends lots of time moving it around with his hands and also chews on it as a teether as well.

#8 // sophie la girafe and teether: You always hear so many people say you “HAVE TO GET A SOPHIE” and there is so much truth to it. Otis loves his Sophie. There is some controversy because this toy has been found to have mold inside if moisture gets inside the one squeeze hole on the back so I make sure we are not submerging this toy to clean it and watching him when he’s teething on it. The smaller flat teether that comes in this set is a great one to offer up instead so he can really chew on it. It has great handles for him to easily grip it.

#9 // haba rattling max wooden toy: While this toy might not look like much, when you giggle it the wood clanks together and makes some great sounds. Also the bottom circle is a great teether and easy for Otis to grip.

#10 // sophie la girafe teether: We usually keep this teether in our diaper bag. It’s a great shape for him to hold and we use it all the time when we are on the go. I sometimes put a little pacifier clip on it and connect it to him so he doesn’t throw it on the floor.

#11 // sassy wonder wheel: One of Otis’ all time fav toys. We pretty much used this from birth till today. He is FASCINATED when it spins. We also used this one at physical therapy because it has an easy to use suction cup to place on a surface. Sometimes we would attached it to our sliding glass door or mirrors while doing his stretches to keep him entertained. Now he loves to spin it himself. YOU MUCH GET THIS.

#12 // oball rattle ball: We have a few of these and now that Otis is on the move, he can push them across the floor and pick them up and shake them.

#13 // edushape sensory balls: We opened this box around 5 months because we had it on our registry and I forgot we had it in our garage! He LOVES these. The texture of the balls is great and and he rolls them all over the living room now. He also just loves touching them because they are rubbered and textures. Super lightweight also.

#14 // baby einstein take-along tunes: We have been using this since 4 months. He is able to grib it easily and the songs are great. This will also come in hand on the go in the car seat as well.

#15 // lovevery play kits: I forgot to add this initially to my post but some of Otis’ fav toys have come from the 3-4 Month play kit. He is OBSESSED with the wooden shaker and still uses it at 6 months. I loved their playmat alot and these play kits based on their developments and ages are a really cool. I almost forgot about this and Blake just sent me the link to the 5-6 month box because he wants the tissue box and scarf toy. Lol! So guess I know what I am ordering today.

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    Ashley - My boy loves this mini rainstick too. Really great toy, agree. Also, want to buy baby einstein take-along tunes, but can’t find it. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

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