Jumpsuit Favorites

Guys it has been A WEEK. A SERIOUS week. Poor little Otis has been sick with a cold and ear infection and man. It pains me and breaks my heart to see him hurting. I wish I could just snap my fingers and take his sick pain away but for now I give him lots of extra snuggles and kisses. My poor little man!!! I know he will start feeling better soon.

This weekend we get to enjoy just being home, resting, and recuperating from alot of weekends away. We have to do all those boring things like clean out and organize our garage from all the baby gear we have to store that Otis has grown out of. Blake always makes fun of me whenI get emotional when he packs away a pair of his baby shoes or container of clothes he grew out of. But it’s just a reminder that my once little newborn is going to be a toddler so soon!! I CANT BELIEVE IT. When they say the days are long but the years are short, that could not be more accurate. What is so amazing though is that with each new day, Otis seems to be learning things so exponentially quickly and it just lights up my life knowing how much he is developing. Man. Being a mom is just the freaking most amazing thing.

So enough about me gushing about Otis (CANT HELP IT!!) and let’s get to this outfit. I am having a moment with jumpsuits lately. I feel like all of a sudden my closet is exploding with them. And I am not mad about it. I recently shared different jumpsuits here and here. Both patterned and glorious and this one does not disappoint. This jumpsuit is breastfeeding friendly and I love that it’s silk. While it can be dressed up, I kept it casual with flat sandals. It’s been nice and spicy hot around here so no jackets required. Sharing some other favorite jumpsuits below.

jumpsuit: yumi kim / shoes: ancient greek (similar) / sunglasses: ray-ban
beaded bracelets: karen lazar design / diamond bracelet: smith + mara diamond necklace: smith + mara / otis necklace: bychari
otis pendant: ariel gordon

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